Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Updates...

Hey Lovelies!!!

It's Sunday so it's time for my weekly post! Unfortunately, I've hit a major "blogger's block", as I like to call it. I didn't have anything planned... And I've been thinking all day of what I could post about, and thought of nothing. :( So, I'm going to just have a little update post. I like these types of posts, because it's a bit personal, and maybe you can all learn something new about me from it! So, here we go!

First of all, I'm in college, so we have Spring Break midway through March. So I have one week of classes and then I get to relax for a week! I'm so excited!! I'm not going anywhere fun, but I'm just ready to be home and get to hang out for a week. I'll also be able to get to see all my friends and family from back home, which I'm most excited about. So, I just have to get through this week and my mid-terms/tests and then I'll be free!!!

Second thing: I've recently started working at Aeropostale! I'm so excited to be working and making money, because it's been going fast (being in college without money is not fun at all). Everyone at the store is super amazing and friendly! We have so much fun when we're working, it makes it so much more enjoyable. Plus I now get discounts, so I can stock up on my Bethany Mota Collection clothes. Compared to my other job, where I wasn't allowed to talk to other employees, couldn't leave my station, and barely got any hours, Aeropostale is such a huge improvement (almost 100%). The only thing that annoys me is having an "on-call shift" where you may or may not be working. So far, I haven't had to go in on an on-call shift, but it's only a matter of time... I'm not complaining though, because that's more money for myself!

My favorite update: my birthday is in 9 days!!!! (March 18) I'll be turning 19, which isn't the most exciting age, but I always look forward to my birthday, as everyone does. And, luckily, I'll be home for Spring Break for my birthday (YAY!). I'm not really sure what I want for my birthday but I'm just really excited!!!

And my final update... A while back, I posted pictures of my dorm room. And up until today, that's exactly how my dorm room looked. So, today I rearranged the room while my roommate was home (YAY!- We haven't been on the best terms ever since coming back from Winter Break...). Anyways, I think it's the fact that the weather has been in the 40s/50s the past couple of days instead of 20s/30s. It finally feels like Spring so I did my Spring Cleaning today. So, here's some pictures of what it looks like:

I think that it looks a lot neater and more spacious than the previous set up which you can see here!!

Let me know what you think of my new set up! I know this isn't the most entertaining post, but I quite like update posts, so hopefully one of you like them as well! If anyone has any thing they'd like to see me post, let me know in the comments, and I'll do my best to do it! I have something planned for next Sunday and the Sunday after (they weren't quite ready for today and require me to be home) but I'll try and get some exciting, new content coming your way ASAP!! As always, stay beautiful!!!


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