Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I Got for My Birthday!!!

Hey Lovelies!!!

Before I begin this blog post, I just want to let everyone know that I am not in any way bragging or showing off. I am doing this post because I enjoy post like these: seeing what people got for their birthdays or Christmas. I'm sure lots of other people enjoy seeing these as well. If you have a personal problem, please email me privately (my email is in my Contact page) and we can figure something out.

So, I've mentioned that my birthday was this past week. And let me just say, I love my birthday!!! I'm not really one to like all eyes on me or to be the center of attention, but for one day a year, I take advantage of it. Not in a spoiled or bratty way though... I'm super thankful for everyone who takes the time to say "happy birthday" to me, my family and friends for celebrating with me, and especially anyone who might get me something! Anyways, I've turned 19 and while it isn't anything compared to turning 18, I was excited, regardless. I didn't have much in mind for what I wanted for my birthday, I just knew I wanted a camera. But enough talking, I'm going to share with you some pics. Here we go...

I did A LOT of research before deciding on this camera. I wanted a good quality point and shoot and I wanted a Canon. Looking at all the brands, I've found that Canon is one of the best and I've worked with one before and really liked it. I went directly to the Canon website and looked all all the point and shoot cameras that they had. I quickly realized that only two cameras had 5 stars, so I narrowed it down to those. The price difference was $20 and the capabilities were only slightly different. I ended up going with the more expensive one because the customer reviews seemed slightly better. I also like the appearance (shape and color) better. To get the camera, I had to go to four stores before I finally found it at Staples (of all places!). And it was even $50 off!! So the more expensive of the cameras ended up being the least expensive. And I'm very pleased with it so far. I've used to to take some pictures (coming up for the blog) as well as testing out vlogging... Not really great quality vlogging, but I've done a test vlog so that I can practice my editing before I do the real thing.

I was super excited about these two movies!!! I got Catching Fire and Frozen!! AHHHH! I love both of these movies and I'm sure happy to have them on DVD so I can watch them whenever I want to! And one of my friends at school hasn't seen either of these, so we're already planning a movie night. If you haven't seen these movies, I highly suggest it!!!

Also in my gift bag, I got some of my favorite goodies!!! I got three Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes (which you know I love!) in Powder Puff (light pink with glitter), Wintermint (mint green with aqua glitter), and Beachy (shimmery bronze). I also got a $15 gift card to Starbucks and a $15 gift card to Panera, which will be spent in no time! Along with my favorite spring/Easter candy, Mini Eggs!!!

I also got $50 to spend on anything I wanted. And since I got a card from Vera Bradley for 40% off a purchase in my birthday month, I'm going to get a bag that I've wanted for the longest time in my current favorite pattern. I used to be OBSESSED with Vera Bradley and took quite a long break from it, but when I got my birthday card from them, I quickly started looking for what to get with it. And it's the perfect time to get a bag like this since I got home from school for long weekends. This will be the perfect sized bag to bring with me and I'll look fabulous carrying it!

So that's all I got for my birthday, and I'm super grateful for everything!! On my birthday, my family celebrated and had a delicious red velvet cake (YUM!). And then on Friday my family and two of my friends (who are like family) went out to eat at my favorite pizza place (from New Hampshire) that just moved near by. And I'm super happy that I got to spend my birthday at home rather than at school, just because it felt right!

Anyways, I hope you liked this post. It's a little random but I love seeing these by other people! Again, I'm not trying to brag... I'll be back again next Sunday. But for now, I need to sleep since spring break is now over and I have classes tomorrow :( As always stay beautiful!!!


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