Friday, September 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Homecoming/Family Weekend

Hey Lovelies!!!

I'm back with more posts! Sorry I'm so bad at blogging regularly...

Along with this post, I have a story! So, this was supposed to be posted a week ago, but there were some complications... Basically, I had everything written out and ready to post and my computer decided not to work. I got the school computer and it is absolutely terrible. It looks about 10 years old, is the bulkiest computer, it only has a battery life of about 2.5 hours and I've only had this computer for 3 months. You could say I'm disappointed. Luckily, I brought it to the IT department and they were able to fix it (for now). Anyway, after I got it back I had a bunch of assignments and homework to do, so obviously I wasn't able to blog. Since I don't have Friday classes, I have a ton of time today to blog, do homework, laundry, clean, catch up on sleep, and watch a bit of TV and YouTube. It's great!

Back to the post...

Last weekend was Homecoming/Family Weekend here on campus. My Mom came up to visit (both of my brothers had sports games so my Dad had to stay back with them) and it was a really great day! My friend from back home's family came up with my Mom so we all spent the day together. Since I hadn't seen my Mom in a while, I wanted to look nice and I decided to take pictures since I had some extra time, so here they are.

So, this is what I looked like when I woke up (try not to look too close as it's not too pretty)...

This is me after doing my makeup with all the same makeup that's shown in my makeup collection post, minus the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm (My eyebrows look rather strange and uneven in these pictures for some reason, I have no idea why)

Here's with my hair and makeup done. If you couldn't tell, I did a sock bun. And, yes, I did use a sock... (Sorry for the loose hair in the picture of the back. I fixed it right after the picture was taken)

Here's the final outfit!! And look, I fixed my hair in the back!
Dress with Belt - Target
Shoes - Payless Shoesource
Nails - Revlon Colorstay (Bold Sangria)

I really enjoyed doing this blog post, so if you guys liked it too, please let me know so I can plan to do more like these. I also have another post planned... it's going to be a haul!! That should be up within the next two days so stay tuned.

Oh, and for those of you who weren't aware, I have a Google+ account connected to this blog. It should be linked on the right sidebar, so if you have a Google+, please follow me/add me to your circles so you can be notified when I post a new blog or maybe just post a status. I would love to connect with my readers some more!!


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