Saturday, September 7, 2013

Favorite Outfit - Summer 2013

Hey Lovelies!!!

For anyone who follows me on Google+, you may have heard that I was planning on posting twice today (to kind of make up for the lack of posts in the past).  So, here it is!!

I'm sure all of you have that one outfit that you just absolutely love and you feel so comfortable in it.  Well, I definitely do!!!  And I feel like each season (at least), I get a new favorite outfit.  So, I'm planning on making it a point to post a new favorite outfit towards the end of each season.  That way, I can see what outfit I tend to gravitate towards the most.

This is my Favorite Outfit for the Summer of 2013

So this is basically what the outfit looks like on along with my hair and makeup done.  I wasn't able to get a decent picture of the outfit with the shoes, so I'll just add them as a separate picture further down. (I apologize for the state of my bedroom, as this is when it was in the process of being painted and rearranged and I was also packing for college)

This is the material of the dress.  It's a white dress from Delia's (I call Delia's a black hole because they have so many adorable clothes that really suit my style, however, it is rather expensive there, so I tend to just shop there as a last resort if I can't find something anywhere else).  I think this dress is a mix between a knit material and a crochet material... I don't know if it has a specific name.

My new favorite accessory!!! Being the girly-girl that I am, I love bows SO MUCH!! This bow is from Claire's and it's a Hunter Green color with gold brackets at the bottom corners.  I am literally obsessed with this bow.  I'm fairly positive that it was only about $5 so it was a really good price.

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes this summer.  They are from Target and they are literally the most comfortable wedges I've ever worn.  I've had multiple times where I've worn them to a party and never once did my feet hurt.  And yes, I know, wedges are a lot more comfortable than heels, but when I tell you that these shoes are comfortable, I mean that I would choose to wear these over a pair of flats (with the proper outfit, of course!).

So that's my favorite outfit from the Summer.  Unfortunately, Summer's basically over since school has started back up.  But, I'm not complaining because it's almost time for sweater weather, which I'm so excited about!!

Please leave a comment describing your favorite outfit from the Summer and also tell me what you're looking forward to the most during Autumn :)

BTW: the phone case in the pictures is from Wet Seal, the nail polish on my fingers is Essie "Mint Candy Apple", and the nail polish on my toes is Sinful Colors "Boogie Nights" (I absolutely love all three of those!!)

See you all next time! BYEEEEE


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