Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's on my iPhone 5s?

Hey Lovelies!!!

I'm here today with a kind of random blog post, but I've seen it done and find it kind of interesting. I love seeing different apps that people use, especially photography apps. And let me tell you, I have a lot. Quite a few of my apps I haven't used in the longest time but keep for one reason or another. Without anything further, let's get into it!

Basically here's a really un-creative picture of my iPhone 5s. I'm absolutely in love with my case. It's totally nothing special at all. It's the Speck CandyShell + FACEPLATE for iPhine 5/5s in White/Raspberry.

Here's my lockscreen. Nothing special at all... And you can actually get my wallpaper from my last blog post: March Favorites

 After unlocking my phone, here's what you see:

♥ Messages

♥ Calendar

♥ Contacts

♥ Photography folder:

♥ Camera
♥ Photos
♥ Pic Stitch
♥ Lumie
♥ Facetune
♥ VSCOcam

♥ Weather

♥ Clock

♥ Maps

♥ Videos

♥ Notes

♥ Reminders

♥ Stocks

♥ Game Center

♥ Newsstand

♥ iTunes Store

♥ App Store

♥ Passbook

♥ Compass

♥ Settings (yes, I know I have an update)

♥ Reference folder: calculator, voice memos, FaceTime

And here's the second screen of apps, which are all placed into folders

♥ Social folder:

♥ Facebook
♥ Twitter
♥ Instagram
♥ Tumblr
♥ YouTube
♥ Vine
♥ Snapchat
♥ YouNow
♥ JacksGap
♥ Blogger
♥ Bloglovin
♥ Skype
♥ Marcus Butler app

♥ Apps folder:

♥ Blackboard Mobile Learn
♥ Google
♥ Netflix
♥ TV Guide
♥ Bank of America
♥ Shazam
♥ Find iPhone
♥ Dayforce HCM for Aeropostale: For my work schedule
♥ Nike+
♥ iBooks
♥ Jibbigo: my favorite online translator for Spanish class (seriously, if you take a language class, get this app! It will save your life)
♥ Ticketmaster

♥ Shopping folder:

♥ Target
♥ Cartwheel
♥ Starbucks
♥ Forever 21
♥ H&M
♥ RetailMeNot
♥ Luvocracy
♥ 17 Insider
♥ Teen Vogue

♥ Games folder:

♥ DoodleJump
♥ Tiny Wings
♥ Fruit Ninja
♥ Traffic Rush
♥ Solitaire
♥ Sudoku
♥ Flappy Bird
♥ Cookie Clicker
♥ Monument Valley (this game is absolute perfection and everyone should get it even though it costs money. It's beautifully designed and so creative!)
♥ symmetrain

Sorry there wasn't much to this post, but I assure you, next week's post will be good. Next Sunday is Easter and I'll be home with the entire family, but don't worry, there will still be a blog post. So look forward to that. I already have something planned!! It's really late and I've been up late the past two days because of work (last night I worked a floor set from 8pm to 4am), and I have class tomorrow so I should go. But as always, stay beautiful!!!

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