Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's In My Bag??

Hey Lovelies!!!

So, I've experienced a "Blogger's Block" or creative block today... :( I've spent my entire 3 hour trip back to school trying to come up with some ideas and was at a complete loss. But I couldn't break my resolution for weekly blog posts, so I found something. It's pretty generic, but almost every blogger does this post at some point. And if you guys are like me, you love to get an up-close look in people's bags, rooms, etc. (not trying to sound creepy, I promise). So, here it is... Here's what I have in my bag all the time:

First off, here's my bag. It's a medium Longchamp Le Pliage bag in Black. It's such a functional bag and last forever! It was about $125 (give or take) and I've had it for about a year and a half. And it still looks brand new!! And I always end up going back to this bag eventually.

So here's an picture of everything that was in my bag laid out. It's missing a few items that change by the day. All the items in the picture above are always in my bag. I typically have whatever lip products I'm wearing that day, even though that changes regularly, and a mirror in my bag too. And typically, I'm carrying my iPhone in my hand.

♥ Wallet- This is a Vera Bradley Turn and Lock Wallet in Mocha Rouge. I got this for Christmas in 2012 and I've used this ever since. It has tons of space and compartments so I never run out space. And it's still in really good condition!

♥ Glasses case- I always carry my glasses case with my glasses and contact holder inside, just in case I have to take my contacts out for some reason. Although it's a rare occurrence, it happened once and I didn't have this with me and I really regretted not bringing it.

♥ Sunglasses- These are my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses and I have these with me at all times. They are from Target. I got them a year or so back so I have no way of figuring out which type they are. All I know is they are perfect. Out of the five pairs of sunglasses I have, I always end up wearing these.

♥ Snack- I like to have a small, but filling snack in my bag just in case I get hungry. These granola bites were featured in my January Favorites because they are so delicious. They are the Sea Salt Caramel and Almond Granola Bites from Target and I'm absolutely obsessed. And they're perfect for keeping in your bag!

♥ Mini cosmetics bag- This pink, glittery bag is from Victoria's Secret. I got it for Christmas with a gift card in it and I've found a way to reuse it:

I use it as an "emergency kit". That's probably not the most appropriate name for it, but I figured it worked. It's not a big case at all but it easily fits a hand sanitizer, chapstick, cuticle cream (a miracle especially in the cold weather because it's so moisturizing and smells really good!), band-aids, hair bands, and bobby pins. And if it doesn't help me, sometimes my friends need one of these things and I have it!

♥ Tide-To-Go- Another really good thing to have with you. I've gone through many of these between myself, my friends, and my family. You never know when you'll need it and it works so well to get out marks from your clothes if you can't wash it right away.

♥ House keys and store reward cards- Pretty self-explanatory... These stay in my purse all the time or else I would forget to bring them with me when I go back home from college.

♥ ID Keychain- I always have this with me because, on the lanyard, I have my room key and campus ID which I need to get into my building and also get food and do laundry. So it's practically my lifeline here on campus. And having the Vera Bradley ID case and lanyard keeps it all together and I never forget it.

♥ iPhone charger and earbuds- I typically have these in a tangled mess in my bag because, that way, I'll always know where they are. And it's unpredictable when you'll need to charge your phone throughout the day.

So that's all that I keep in my bag. It's a pretty good collection for the moment. But it changes sometimes, so I'm sure there will be another What's In My Bag later on down the road. If you want to, leave a comment below letting me know what you have in your bag! I'd love to know and see if we have anything the same! :) But that's all for today... I'll be back next week with another review (let's see if anyone can guess what it will be for ;)). Until then, stay beautiful!!


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