Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Life in Boxes

Hey Lovelies!!!

So this past week, I finished my first year of college and moved back home. This past year has definitely been the best year of my life. I've met so many amazing people and grown so much as a person. I've made the best friends I could ask for and I know that we're going to be friends for a LONG TIME. And I think it's because of my friends that I've gained a ton of self-confidence and have become way more friendly and outgoing. And to think that back in December I wanted to quit school. I can't help but think how different my life would be right now... So, if any of you feel like school isn't for you, give it a chance because it will get better!

Now that I'm home, I'm already missing all my college friends! It's really strange to be back home alone. I can't look forward to our group meals in the dining hall at 12:20 and 6:00 every day. It's so different that we're already planning a huge pool party for later this summer for a huge mid-summer reunion. And we're all counting down the days already!

I'm also really sad to be leaving my job at Aeropostale. Well, actually me and my friend are transferring to the one closer to us for the summer, but it's still not the same. The people that I work with at the Aero near school are the nicest, coolest group of people I've ever met! I literally love every single one of them! A few of us have already made plans to meet up during the summer because 4 months apart is just too long!

Other than missing all of my friends, it is pretty nice to be home. Sleeping at home is so peaceful and quiet and I actually feel fully rested for the first time in months. Eating is so much better at home too! Everyone was so sick of dining hall food that being at home is like being in a gourmet kitchen. The only downsides being having to cook your own food and not having all of your favorite friends with you.

The most annoying part of moving back home was definitely packing everything up. I've been so busy these past few days that I haven't even gotten the chance to unpack everything yet. So for now, I'm living out of boxes and suitcases. My room is the biggest mess I've ever seen. Tomorrow is the first day that I actually have time to do some unpacking and laundry (THANK GOD!!!) and I can't wait. I have OCD so you can imagine how much anxiety I've had just being in my room these past few days. The excitement of getting my room cleaned up and back to normal is unreal!

I'm sorry that this wasn't one of my normal beauty blog posts. I've had a lot going on this week between finals, packing, and moving back home so I didn't have time to prepare for anything. So I figured I'd update you all on what's happening. And now that I'm home, I'll have some pretty great blog posts coming your way very soon! So get ready for that!!! Anyways, I'm off to bed but I'll be back next Sunday as usual! And until then, stay beautiful!!!

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