Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little Introduction

Hey Lovelies!!!

So this is incredibly exciting and also a little nerve-wracking. It's my first blog post ever!!! So, this isn't going to be a very interesting post at all... Basically I'm going to introduce you to myself, a little bit about my life, and also what I have in mind for this blog! So, let's get started!

So, my name is Meghan, or Meg, (I go by either) and I'm currently 18 years old.  I live in Massachusetts with my mom, dad, younger twin brothers, a dog, and 2 cats.  I just graduated from high school about 2 months ago and I'm off to college in about 3 weeks which I'm excited for but also slightly nervous about.  I'm going to be a World Languages major, which means I'll be studying French, Spanish, and also learning about different areas of the world (I'll try and keep you posted on how all that goes! :)). I've also danced for 15 years (so basically the majority of my life) and I've met some of the best friends ever there, so I already miss it tremendously!  That's all I'm going to tell you about me for now, but I'm sure you'll learn more as I share more blog posts! :)

So this channel (Meg's Maquillage, for those of you who may not have paid attention to the title) is basically a project of mine (that makes it sound like a bad thing but I promise you, it's not!).  I've made a goal to step out of my comfort zone throughout 2013 and this is just one step in doing so.  I keep a lot of stuff bottled up inside of me, and need a place to share some of it.  I promise you, I won't rant about personal problems that I have, but I do want to share some parts of my life.

The name of the blog is in French (with an English twist ;)).  It means Meg's Makeup, but this blog definitely won't be limited to just makeup.  However, a piece of it will be about makeup (I basically chose the name because I like the sound of it, lol).  I hope to post about makeup, hair, nails, fashion, DIYs, organizational tips, and some more too! So if any of that sounds like it might interest you, please stay tuned and hopefully I won't disappoint!!

By the way, I would post a picture of myself so you know who is actually behind the computer screen, but I've just taken off my makeup for the evening and it would be a waste to put it all back on just for one picture.  So... hopefully I'll post tomorrow!!! Byeeee! <3

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