Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Time at Lush + a Haul!!

Hey Lovelies!!!

So recently, something big happened! I experienced Lush Cosmetics for the first time and also made my first purchase there! This is HUGE for me! I've always wanted to buy something from Lush but never knew what. And to be honest, the store kind of intimidated me... But after I watched a few YouTube videos, read a few blog posts of hauls and reviews, and checked the Lush website (, I got an idea of what products would work best for me and also some favorites/bestsellers. Once I got to the store after doing a bit of research, I realized how much easier it was to shop at Lush. It also greatly helped that the employees at Lush are super friendly and helpful! So here's what I walked out with:

♥ "Mint Julips" Lip Scrub 
This was #1 on my list of what I wanted to get. In the majority of the videos, blog posts, and reviews I've seen, people rave about Lush's lip scrubs ("Mint Julips", "Bubblegum", "Popcorn") so I knew I had to give one a try. At $9.95, it is on the more expensive side for basically a small jar full of flavored sugar. However, I love this product and I think that it will last a while even though it looks like such a small amount. Each time you use, you only use a pea-sized amount. Typically, I use this product in the morning after I brush my teeth and I follow it up with my eos Lip Balm in Sweet Mint and then your breath and lips are both minty fresh! And just for the record, this lip scrub definitely does smooth your lips out and it's not too rough so you can use it each day without problems. Especially since it's gotten pretty cold here in Massachusetts, dry, chapped lips are right around the corner so this lip scrub along with some lip balm will become my best friends.

♥"Cupcake" Fresh Face Mask
I was hesitant to buy this one at first just because of how it looks... You're all thinking it... But I bought it just to try because it's basically made for people with the exact skin type that I have (oily, spotty, acne-prone, sensitive to perfumes and dyes - aka annoying skin). It's also made with teenagers in mind. I probably could have asked to try it, but I bought the full thing for $6.95 and I'm pretty happy I did. Although it isn't the best looking mask, my skin felt really nice after using it. It smells alright, kind of like chocolate frosting. I don't know if it works to fade hyperpigmentation or acne scarring and I didn't notice any difference like that but it does soothe your skin. I think that a full size container of Cupcake will last for about six face masks and expires about a month after it is made. And remember that the Lush Fresh Face Masks have to be stored in a refrigerator!

♥"So White" Bath Bomb
OH MY GOSH! This is perfection! Literally... So this is a seasonal bath bomb :( And if you need to know something that I love, it's apple scented stuff. This bath bomb smells of apple and the inside is pink so when you drop it into your bath water, it will turn a pink tint. And to make this an even better product, it leaves your skin feeling amazing and soft. The price for this is $6.45. I actually split mine in half to make it last for two baths, it just makes the scent, tint, and softening of the skin a little less. But I think it's worth the price if it lasts for two baths. Oh and it's pretty big too, unlike "Butterball" or others of that size. You can bet that I will be buying more of the So White bath bomb before it goes away until next year. And I suggest you do the same to experience the amazingness of it.

So that's my haul and review of my first three Lush Cosmetics products. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, let me know and I'll arrange for more posts like this! Also, sorry for the product pictures from the Lush website... I've used all of So White and most of Cupcake and Mint Julips so I had to use them for reliable pictures of the products. Next time I buy stuff from Lush, I'll have to remember to take pictures before I use them...

I have a few more posts arrange for the next week or two if all goes well so stay tuned for that. And tomorrow (hopefully...) I will have a newer type of post coming your way! It's a bit on the personal side. But don't worry, it's not depressing or anything like that. It's basically advice for you all that I've learned here on a college campus that I hope you can benefit from! Oh, and I also made a Twitter so go follow me!! (@MegsMaquillage)This is all I have for today but I'll be back soon! I'm not letting myself take a break for another month... I promise!


P.S. Sorry it's been over a month since my last post. It's totally my fault and I promise to have A TON of content coming your way really soon!

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